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check out this cool review by Martin Popoff


tour footage

check out some nice footage from the recent volbeat-tour.
>> Stuck Mojo live @ Osnabrück 2008

>> Stuck Mojo’s – A Day In The Life – Part 1

>> Stuck Mojo’s – A Day In The Life – Part 2


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Interview by Daily Music Guide >> check out

German interview from Metalglory >> check out


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I finally found some time to redesign this website and I hope you’re pleased with the results … I need to rebuild some content but lookin forward, besides the new release, to finish it all soon.



Stuck Mojo on Tour

no new tour-dates at the moment …

Fall 2008

08.Okt.2008     La Scene Bastille         Paris
09.Okt.2008     Paradiso        Amsterdam
10.Okt.2008     Grosse Freiheit 36        Hamburg
11.Okt.2008     Hof ter lo        Antwerp
13.Okt.2008     Lucky & Co Podium        Rijssen
14.Okt.2008     Capitol        Offenbach
15.Okt.2008     Rockhouse        Salzburg
16.Okt.2008     Posthof        Linz
17.Okt.2008     Gasometer        Wien
18.Okt.2008     Conrad Sohm        Dornbirn
20.Okt.2008     Backstage Werk        Munchen
21.Okt.2008     Z7 supporting        Pratteln
22.Okt.2008     La Laiterie        Strasbourg
23.Okt.2008     E-Werk         Cologne
24.Okt.2008     Columbia Club        Berlin
25.Okt.2008     Halle Gartlage        Osnabrueck


The Great Revival

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The new album is complete and in the hands of Napalm Records, and the guys
are tuning up to head to Europe this Saturday to start their run of dates over there.

The release date is November 28, so mark your calendars.

The track listing for the CD, which was mixed at producer Andy Sneap’
Backstage studio, is as follows:

01. Worshipping A False God
02. 15 Minutes Of Fame
03. Friends
04. The Flood
05. Now That You’re All Alone
06. There’s A Doctor in Town
07. The Fear
08. There’s A Miracle Coming
09. Country Road
10. Invincible
11. Superstar Part 1 (The Journey Begins)
12. Superstar Part 2 (The World Of Egos And Thieves)


Live on fabchannel

check out an exclusive live video webcast of VOLBEAT’s sold-out concert at the
legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam :