Rich Ward – guitar / vocals
Mike Martin – guitar
Sean Delson – bass
Lord Nelson – vocals
Steve “Nailz” Underwood – drums

former members:
Rodney – drums
Bonz – vocals/lyrics
Bud Fontsere – drums
Dan Dryden – bass
Corey Lowery – bass
Ryan Mallam – guitar

Member Infos

Rich Ward

Rich was born in Atlanta at Piedmont Hospital on January 16th. His dad was a third generation Golf pro from England. His mother was the daughter of Richard Park (who Rich was named after) who was President Roosevelt’s military aid during World War II and taught math at West Point Military Academy. Rich moved to Charlotte, North Carolina at age 3 where he was raised by his mother. She worked long hours to support Rich and his sister Maggie, so she employed a college student named Christy as a “live in” nanny. Christi was always playing a heavy dose of AC/DC, Van Halen, ZZ Top, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Thus his education had begun. Rich’s best friend and neighbor bought a guitar when Rich was 12. He used to lend the guitar to Rich and he would teach him simple chords, but mainly Rich would pose inthe mirror with it. Six months later Rich’s dad bought him his own guitar, a $35 Fender Mustang.

In 1982 Rich heard Ozzy’s record “Diary of a Madman” and his life changed. He bought every Heavy Metal record he could find and this music was instrumental in the development of his style of guitar playing. He would later play in several bands, none that accomplished much more than playing at parties and high school dances. Rich is a huge WCW fan as well as a fan of Neal Boortz and an NRA supporter.

Frank “Bud” Fontsere

I was born 30 years ago in New Jersey but I moved to Atlanta when I was seven so I consider myself a Southerner. I decided what I wanted to do with my life when I saw Kiss on TV Halloween 1976. I got my first drum kit that Christmas and have been driving people crazy ever since. My first real band came together in’86. We were called Lethal Promise and we played the Atlanta scene for about 3 years. I met Rich in ’88 and he was actually a guitar tech for that band. I got the call to join the Mojo Crew in February 1996 and drove down to meet the guys in Florida to play the first show. I bad already learned the set and we didn’t even get a chance to rehearse or do a sound check before we got on stage to play. I met Corey for the first time in my life about 2 hours before we played. After that tour we recorded the Violated EP and went to Europe for our first tour over-seas. Everything after that has pretty much been a blur.

Lord Nelson

I’m the son of a twenty-plus year Vietnam Veteran and being raised in a military environment on Army bases across the nation, I was blessed to hear and be influenced by so many different genres of music. Influences that range from old school R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Country, Folk and Pop. With that being said, my real passion was hip-hop. Growing up, I recorded demos and performed live with a few different groups around the Carolinas. Being a fan of Run DMC, Public Enemy, EPMD and the groups that pioneered hip-hop in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I always envisioned myself working as a part of a group and never made an attempt to try it alone. Unfortunately, none of the groups achieved more than regional success.


Born: February 14, 1967
curent bands: stuck mojo / dead gospel

Sean Delson

Sean has been playing bass for 20 years. When he was 17 he moved from South Carolina to the wilds of Los Angeles to attend the Bass Institute of Technology. Sean is the comedian and catch phrase writer of the band and he is most definitely your DAD! His favorite bass players include, Geddy Lee, Andy West of the Dixie Dregs ,Jeff Berlin and Dave Benner. Sean is also a fan of the Phantasm movies, more specifically of Angus Scrimm…who is also your DAD!!


“I was born of Native American culture (Tucarora Tribe) in North Carolina into a family of musicians. The first couple of years of my life were spent touring with my Mom and Dad. I didn’t have the normal baby-sitters then, mostly far-outlooking roadies. Mom didn’t want us raised on the road anymore, so we were planted for eight years where we grew our roots. That was the longest time I ever spent in one spot and some of the best times I ever had. I got my first bass at age 10 and in a couple of years I was in a metal band and that’s where I was hooked. My brother, Clint (now in SEVENDUST), and I have played together on and off my whole life. We had a band called Still Rain and from ’89 to ’95 toured up and down the east coast real hard.
I got in Mojo January 1, 1996 and we toured around the world 300 days out of the year and I loved it!! Music means everything to me and I hope to keep playing for a long time to come. My other favorite things are Pro-Boxing an the Incredible Hulk. Thank you for making my life wonderful!!”

Dan Dryden

I was born 4/29/1970 in Brainerd, Minnesota.
I’m the youngest of four children. I come from a very musical family. My Mother Linda kicks ass at singin’! She sang professionally for a number of years. My father Bob is a retired speech and theater professor. My parents encouraged me to take up piano and trumpet. I also did some time in Church and school choirs. I never really chose to play the bass but back in jr. high school, some friends were jammin’ together and they needed a bassist. They knew that my brother had a bass, so they asked me to join. That’s how I got started. I’ve been playing bass for about fifteen years now. I played in a number of bands based out of Minnesota including Mad Atchu, Riff Raff, and U.K.I. just to name a few. I moved to Atlanta in August of 1998 to join a cool band called “Belt Fed”. After opening several shows for Stuck Mojo, Rich asked me to join after Corey’s departure. I thought that was pretty cool. Here’s Rich Ward asking me to join one of my favorite bands ever. I did a little bit of research and found that neither Pantera nor Kiss were hiring, so I accepted his offer.


Eric has been a freelance artist in the Atlanta scene for a decade now. He has toured the U.S. with diverse acts such as Col. Bruce Hampton, Barry Richman, Gibb Droll, Liz Melendez and The Yeti Trio. He has also played with local luminaries such as Kingsized, Mudcat, Damian Cartier and Brighter Shade as well as acted as a studio musician, recording with standouts such as Daath and Carl Culpepper. Eric has 2 degrees in Classical Music from Penn State and studied Jazz at NYU. He is comfortable playing in many different styles and has been a BIG metal fan his whole life.

Ryan Mallam

The Metamorphous of a Stuck Mojo Fan
By Ryan Mallam

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