The Great Revival

1. Worshipping a False God 2. 15 Minutes of Fame 3. Friends 4. The Flood 5. Now That Your're All Alone 6. There's a Doctor in Town 7. The Fear 8. There's a Miracle Comin' 9. Country Road 10. Invincible 11. Superstar Part 1 (The Journey Begins) 12. Superstar Part 2 (The World of Egos and Thieves) read the lyrics


Southern Born Killers

1. I'm American 2. Southern Born Killers 3. The Sky Is Falling 4. Metal Is Dead 5. For The Cause of Allah 6. Open Season 7. Prelude To Anger 8. That's When I Burn 9. Yoko 10. Home read the lyrics


Declaration Of A Headhunter

1.Set The Tone 2.April 19th 3.Raise The Deadman 4.Drawing Blood 5.An Open Letter 6.Give War A Chance 7.Feel It Coming Down 8.The One 9.Evilution 10.Declaration 11.The Ward Is The Shepherd 12.Walk The Line 13.Hatebreed 14.Reborn read the lyrics



1.Crooked figurehead 2.Trick 3.Assassination of a pop star 4.Rising 5.Southern pride 6.Enemy territory 7.Back in the saddle 8.Dry 9.Throw the switch 10.Hang em high 11.Tears 12.Pipebomb 13.Suburban ranger read the lyrics



1.Pigwalk 2.Mental Melt Down 3.(Here Comes) The Monster 4.Twisted 5.The Sermon 6.Despise 7.Animal 8.Only The Strong Survive 9.Violated 10.Inside My Head 11.Down Breeding read the lyrics



1.Violated 2.U.B.Otch 3.Sweet Leaf 4.Pizza Man 5.F.O.D. (Live) 6.Monster (Live) read the lyrics


Snappin' necks

1.Not Promised Tomorrow 2.Snappin' Necks 3.F.O.D. 4.Beginning of the End 5.Cake 6.2 Minutes of Death 7.Who's the Devil 8.Change My Ways 9.Monkey Behind the Wheel 10.Uncle Sam Sham 11.Propaganda read the lyrics

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  1. Paulo Henrique Says:
    August 29th, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    Where they are the lyrics of the new album The Great Revival? If the launching was in January of 2009 then well is outdated this site.. O.o
    But I´m fãn of the band and the album is very good! _\../

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